A colon after a vowel indicates a long speech sound.

In Portuguese, grandma is “avó”. .


To my grandmother, the washing machine was a miracle.

However - Edith and Edie in Norway is pronounced like 'Eddie' and. Some people choose to shorten the name to “Nonni. .

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How to say great grandma in Norwegian. . .

. In French, grandma is “mémé” or “grand-mère”.

Learn how to say 'grandma' in English with audio and example in sentences.

bestefar is the translation of "grandpa" into Norwegian.

How to say "Grandmother" in Norwegian and in 45 More languages. .

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In French, grandma is “mémé” or “grand-mère”.
Jun 8, 2012 · Quick background: DP is Norwegian, I live in Norway and DD will be brought up in Norway so name must be 'Norwegian-friendly'.

Oma translate: grandma, grandma, gran, grandma, granny, nan.

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In the Manx language, your grandparents are your shennayryn, and your grandmother is your grannee, or mwarree, or your shenn voir. . .

. From thee to hearken. How to say "Grandmother" in Norwegian and in 45 More languages. . How to say Mommy grandma in Norwegian? Pronunciation of Mommy grandma with and more for Mommy grandma. .


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Famous Namesakes: Mathematician Amalie “Emmy” Noether, Princess Amalia of Nassau-Dietz, author and feminist Amalie Skram.



“Nonna” is the popular name for grandmother in the Italian language.

In this video, we take a look at some basic pronunciation rules in Norwegian.